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Client: Queen Mary University of London
Project value: £30m



The Schools of Engineering & Material Science (SEMS) and
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) at the Queen
Mary University of London (QMUL) have been accommodated within their Engineering Building, which is laid out in two blocks each over five floors and linked by a three storey bridge, since the 1950s.
Upgrade work undertaken over six decades had meant
that the building envelope and infrastrucutre had reached the
end of their serviceable life and CPW was appointed to be part of
a multi-discipline project team to renovate the facility entirely over
two major projects.
For this first phase of the project, we were required to integrate
services across the building and this required us to pool the
expertise not only of our London based project team but also the
design team as a whole. This was because there was a need to not
only design the M&E services to specification but also with the
overall aesthetics of the facility in mind.
The success of our approach has been reflected by the project’s
recent submission for an S Lab Award.