Mechanical & Electrical

We're passionate about exciting engineering

Excellence in building services design was our founding principle and remains our core passion. Our drive towards exciting engineering enables us to work alongside our clients to deliver the latest in building services innovation, resulting in technically sound but contemporary and inventive solutions both for new and existing buildings.


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A fusion of technical innovation and creativity in building services design


As one of the country’s leading environmental building services consultancies, we bring the skills of our highly trained engineers, our passion for working collaboratively with our clients and our reputation for delivering added value in order to deliver high quality, innovative and technically advanced projects.

Offering leading-edge solutions that exceed expectations, and using innovative and contemporary engineering techniques, we support our clients to achieve the best possible outcome for their project.

Our core business concentrates on feasibility and business case studies, design, sustainability, construction monitoring, financial management and commissioning of building services engineering. We also undertake contract administration of major M&E refurbishment and infrastructure projects, master planning, dilapidation and condition surveys of M&E services.



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Bringing designs to life

Always keen to innovate and be at the forefront of technological developments, we have been early adopters of BIM software.

Our commitment to BIM means that we can bring our designs into a digital age and create a virtual environment which brings our designs to life for our clients. As well as being able to excite our clients through providing digital representations of the physical and functional characteristics of their buildings, we have also been able to reduce waste and therefore offer value for money and reduce cost to our clients.


Having recognised the benefits of BIM software from its inception, we have been keen to ensure that our delivery of BIM during our projects has been seamless. From training to hardware upgrades, we have ensured that our engineers are at the cutting edge of BIM technology for the benefit of our clients and their projects.

Building Cut through3

Cut through building. Roof Plant room-reduced


Building Modelling

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Always keen to embrace the latest trends and innovations in building modelling, we have ensured that thermal modelling is incorporated into our designs. For our clients this means that they get the benefit of predicting the likely building performance in a virtual environment and explore ideas before any construction work takes place.

Our collaborative approach to design means that our clients are able offer their input and really take ownership of their buildings, not only in terms of functional and practical performance but also from a strategic position within their Estate Strategies.

Predicting the likely building performance

Thermal modelling is a computerised simulation of a building that uses complex algorithms and calculations to accurately predict how a building will ‘behave’ under certain conditions. Essentially it could be described as a mathematical representation of a building which can be used to inform a design team of how best to construct, condition and operate a building.


Thermal modelling simulations can be performed on both existing buildings and buildings which are still at the desk top design stage and modelling is generally undertaken for every project. Typical building characteristics that can be assessed could be:

  • Heating and Cooling Loads
  • Summertime Overheating
  • Annual energy usage and CO2 emissions
  • Brise Soleil and solar shading requirements
  • Building Orientation

The benefit of using such software is we are able to model and predict the likely building performance in a virtual environment and explore new ideas before any construction work takes place. We can provide photorealistic images as concept pictures to help the client get a feel for the finished result.



Site Engineers

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Our team of site engineers are one of our greatest assets in delivering our projects. Many of our projects require the input of these engineers in order to survey the existing services and infrastructure to a building. The detailed measurements, photographs and information that they provide are essential in establishing existing services that might be retained and to create informed and accurate designs. If required, the information obtained by the site engineer can also be used to create a thermal model of a building that highlights any heating and cooling issues.

During construction, our site engineers will be on hand to monitor installation and recognise issues on site before they become a problem in terms of potential increases in cost, programme or quality. This is often seen as a big advantage by our clients, particularly when most M&E services are housed within risers and voids!