Client Services

We're passionate about supporting clients

Our 35+ years of success have been built on the foundation of strong relationships with clients, consultants and contractors. Our robust designs and willingness to be an extension of our client and colleagues' teams has ensured that we enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with all our partners. The services that we offer our clients and colleagues are unrivalled and enter into in the spirit of true partnership and support.

Post Occupancy Services

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Delivering added value

We are firm believers in the soft landings philosophy and we are always available to our clients after the project is complete. We never just ‘walk away’ from the project; instead we work with our clients creating a joint commissioning team to enable users to become part of the commissioning process. This is fully inclusive and extends to all staff that will operate the building.

We design and deliver a series of workshops and planned site visits to promote best practice and gain feedback from users. This allows us to tweak systems over time and results in the best performance possible for the building.

Performance Monitoring

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How does the building perform?

Knowing the performance of a building can bring many benefits; chiefly for the client in terms of energy performance and from a cost control point of view, but also for us to inform future designs.

Our process involves interrogation of packaged plant control systems which are interfaced with the Building Management System (BMS). This enables our engineers to review the data at their offices (via remote access) before making recommendations on how to improve the system’s performance by fine tuning controls and discussing system operation.


Estate Infrastucture Support

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An extension of the client’s team

One of our key philosophies here at Couch Perry Wilkes is becoming an extension of our client’s team. It is a mutually beneficial philosophy which has resulted in both the efficient resolution of every day issues and long term engineering strategies to safeguard future developments as well as capital and ongoing revenue costs.

We have experience in the design and development of most site-wide engineering systems, including network analysis. Some of the key systems are:

  • Electrical distribution up to 33kV, Including sub-stations up to 132kV
  • Site generation
  • CHP
  • Energy Centres
  • Thermal Stores
  • Steam and MPHW distribution
  • Medical gases distribution
  • Central chilling plant and chilled water distribution
  • Communication systems
  • Security Systems
  • Site Master Planning
  • Wind Farms

For example, the existing CHP plants at the University of Warwick provide the majority of the campus electricity demand and, as a by-product of this process, a considerable amount of waste heat is used to provide heating and hot water throughout the campus. The peak demand for electricity does not match the peak demand for heating and hot water and consequently at certain times of the day there is a considerable quantity of waste heat to be dissipated. The introduction of thermal storage vessels, which collect waste heat in the form of hot water at 90°C to be stored until it is needed at peak periods, has drastically reduced the need to run the traditional boilers. This has reduced the annual gas consumption thereby providing a CO2 saving in the region of 800 tonnes per annum.

A further example, for the University of Birmingham, to provide a new steam mains connection involved complicated liaisons with many parties. The project required the provision of new 200mm dia. duplicate steam mains from the client’s existing CHP station/boiler house to another site on their campus, which involved crossing a busy railway line and a canal, together with extensions to the existing underground services subways. The new steam network configuration provided the client with a resilience of supply, allowing steam to be provided by anyone of three steam mains.


Technical Advisors

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Promoting knowledge, minimising risk

We have a proven track record in providing technical advisory services to our clients; this includes the role of Trust Advisor, Client Advisor and Contractor Advisor on a variety of schemes procured under PFI, P21, LIFT, BSF as well as extensive experience working for BID consortia and their respective Principal Supply Chain Partners (PSCP).

We can provide the necessary engineering and costing input at all stages, i.e. SOC, OBC, ABC, FBC, often in parallel with the development of the Public Sector Comparator.

We use our long established consultancy and design experience to take a proactive approach within the process as a whole. We work to identify areas where we can be of assistance to promote exemplar facilities whilst minimising particular risks associated with the procurement process.