Take a look at the UK’s Largest Passivhaus Building

The University of Leicester, Centre for Medicine is the largest investment in medical teaching and applied research by a UK university in the last decade.  The University has invested £42 million in the Centre for Medicine and will help to meet the demand for more capable and caring doctors and house applied research that will be at the forefront of improved patient safety and the fight against chronic disease.

In February 2016, the Centre for Medicine officially became Passivhaus accredited and is currently the largest Passivhaus building in the UK and one of the largest in Europe.

Throughout the design process, CPW helped implement many value engineering design solutions such as:

  • A mixed mode ventilation strategy reduced energy consumption and maintained an ideal internal enviroment for building users. Where mechanical ventilation was specified, this incorporated a high efficiency heat recovery system.
  • ‘Reservoirs’ were located at the top of each atrium where heat accumulated. This energy was extracted from the reservoir and transferred to incoming fresh air via high efficiency heat exchangers.
  • In summer months, intelligent shading, coupled with high performance glazing, was reduced solar gains and prevented overheating, further improving the internal environment.
  • High thermal mass and exposed soffits to regulate internal temperatures were implemented with embedded inter slab cooling.
  • When coupled with optimising the availability of natural ventilation and natural daylight, this enabled the building to meet the highest environmental standards of BREEAM ‘Excellent’, an EPC A rating, as well as Passivhaus requirements