Couch Perry Wilkes helps raise over £30,000 for Help For Heroes

Birmingham based environmental consultancy, Couch Perry Wilkes has exceeded their fundraising target, raising over £30,000 for Help for Heroes, marking the end of a successful year of fundraising for their chosen Charity of the Year 2014.

Much of the money raised has gone towards Battle Back, which forms part of Help for Heroes Sports Recovery Programme. Help for Heroes have long championed the role that sport plays in the recovery process for our wounded, injured and sick.  For many it provides a wide range of physical, psychological, social benefits and is often the first step in developing confidence at the start of their long the road to recovery. In 2008, Help for Heroes co-founded the programme with the MOD, offering Adventurous Training and Adaptive Sport opportunities to seriously wounded military personnel.   Since its foundation, the programme has funded over 300 opportunities for over 1,800 individuals to take part in over 50 different sports.

Couch Perry Wilkes has supported  Help for Heroes for the past 3 years, and nominated them as their Charity of the Year for 2014, following their involvement in the delivery of Fisher House at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, as well as an ongoing successful campaign with a group of ex Royal Engineers, known as ‘Team Sapper’, formed in 2009 when the group first came together to participate in one of the earlier Help for Heroes cycle rides, across France. Over the past three years, Couch Perry Wilkes has completed many arduous challenges, raising over £60,000, which has helped support Fisher House, Battle Back programme and £10,000 spent specifically on an adaptive prosthetic for a wounded warrior to compete in the Invictus Games.

Whilst presenting Help for Heroes with over £60,000 during the last three years, Simon Seaton-Smith, said:

“It is a real honour to be part of Team Sapper, who have joined Cpw in collectively giving for men and women who are wounded, injured or incapacitated as a result of serving for their country. Today we have been able to see just how much the money raised by Couch Perry Wilkes means to the charity and what they have been able to achieve with it.

I’m glad that we could help make it happen.” Mark Elliot, Head of External Operations, Help for Heroes added:

“The support Help for Heroes has received from Team Sapper and Couch Perry Wilkes has been absolutely incredible, this support was borne from the start and keeps going from strength to strength, exceeding  the team target of £25,000, in fact raising £30,000.   We are truly  grateful for everything they have done; from the annual Heroes and Legends Ball to the Shelsley Walsh climb that was organised for the first time last year.  We could not do what we do without their amazing assistance.  Quite simply thank you for making such a difference to our wounded, Injured and Sick’”.